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Business Broadband Deals

Tailored Broadband

No businesses are completely alike. You need a broadband speed and bandwidth that works for your company.

Single Monthly Bill

It’s difficult to account for costs when all bills come in separately; it would be much easier to manage cash flow with one single monthly bill.

High-Speed & Reliable

Downtime is extremely bad for business. You need an internet connection which is reliable and high speed.
Business Grade Broadband with a Range of speeds and contention ratios

As more businesses turn to cloud based accounting, CRM, file sharing and backup services, the need for a fast and reliable broadband connection has become essential. Choosing the right provider can be a real hassle. Many providers quote maximum theoretical speeds which are very rarely achieved in practice. They also often fail to mention that cheaper contended services may result in slow internet speeds at times of peak demand. At Tetra, we provide business-grade broadband with a range of speeds and contention ratios to suit your budget.

A choice of available bandwidths and contention ratios mean that you’re able to choose the broadband speed that works for your business and your budget.
In order to better manage cash flow, we provide you with a fixed monthly charge to ensure clarity of costs.
We understand that downtime is bad for business. We offer a highly reliable, high speed network to ensure that your business runs at its best.

Broadband without a Phone Line?

Providing Flexible and Low Cost Telephone and Mobile Solutions
Business telephony and mobile phone provider to help businesses improve their communications.

Broadband without a Phone Line?

Call Management

An invaluable tool for businesses, call reporting and recording allows you to see, hear and report on all calls to and from your system. 

Telephone Systems

A range of choices to suit your business for flexibility and ongoing call cost management.

Business Mobile Phones

Mobile Internet 5G for businesses on the go. Ensuring your mobile communications are met.