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Low Cost

Utilise the power of the internet to benefit from dramatically lower costs than a traditional phone system.

Manage & Record Calls

Improve customer service, security and compliance with our tracking, monitoring and recording features.

High Call Quality

When it comes to a good first impression, call quality is vital. Our VoIP solutions have crystal clear sound.

Get Cheaper and More Flexible Telephony
with VoIP Phone Systems from Tetra.

VOIP is the latest in telecommunications technology.


It allows your business to dramatically reduce costs and take calls from anywhere with crystal clear sound. Because VOIP uses the power of the Internet, there are no per-call charges like you get with a traditional phone system. You also have the flexibility of taking calls on almost any device including a phone handset, computer, or smartphone.

Tetra Networks are telecoms experts that provide VOIP solutions to businesses across Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We specialise in providing telecommunications services backed by over 45 years of industry experience and our personal level of service.

Contact us today to find out how you can use the power of VoIP in your business.

Make considerable savings by removing the per-call costs of a traditional analogue phone system.

Take calls from anywhere by turning your smartphone or computer into a softphone.

BT are switching off all anologue phone lines by 2025, go digital now and beat the switch off.

At Tetra, we are committed to bringing you high-quality, affordable products.

Give a great first impression every time with superior call quality.

In addition to tracking and monitoring of calls, we also offer call recording for security and compliance purposes.

Broadband without a Phone Line?

Cost-Effective and Flexible Telephone and Mobile Solutions

Business telephony and mobile phone provider to help businesses improve their communications.

Call Management

An invaluable tool for businesses. See, hear and report on all calls to and from your system with call management. 

Business Mobile Phones

Mobile Internet 5G for businesses on the go. Ensuring your mobile communications are met.

On-Hold Marketing

First impressions last, make sure your customers get the welcome they deserve