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Line Rental

Cheaper Line Rental

Line rental can be surprisingly expensive; you would benefit from a company that could offer you cheaper line rental.

One Monthly Bill

It would be simpler to get all of your billing together in one simple monthly bill.

Low-Cost Line Rental
and Call Rates.

Tetra’s buying power and call routing expertise mean that we are able to offer you low-cost line rental and call rates by transferring your line rental billing to us. You can also retain your previous BT number.

We negotiate with suppliers to ensure that you get the best products at a fair price.
We combine your bills to allow you to get a single monthly bill for your line rental and calls.
Helping companies improve their business communications

Feature-rich and flexible IP Telephony systems Hampshire and The South

Network Cabling

Cat5 for networking computers & telephones. Cheap and easy internet connection.

Lines and Calls

Flexible, Resilient and high-quality communications systems, plus excellent reduced call tariffs.

SIP Trunks

Offering companies more flexibility and lower call cost opportunities with SIP lines.

Line Rental

Transfer to us for lower-cost line rental and keep your previous BT phone number.

IT Support

Flexible and affordable fully managed IT support services including computer repairs and upgrades.

Social Wifi

Capture details of your clients when they log on to your free WiFi so you can keep them up to date on whats new