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SIP Trunks

Cheaper Calls

As a business, calls can be a particularly large outgoing expense.

Easy Billing

Billing can be a real hassle for a company with so many communications.

Full Support

If something goes wrong you need a telecoms company that can fix problems in a timely and efficient fashion.

Network conformance tested IPBX equipment or compatible ATAs.

Our SIP trunking voice termination service provides voice telephony calls using IP protocols and creates a voice network across multiple sites. This helps to transform sites from analogue to IP based technology, where the PBX or IP PBX is connected to a network over an IP link.

The equipment includes network conformance tested IPBX equipment or compatible ATAs.

Companies that have recently installed or upgraded their business telephone systems will be aware of its VoIP capability and will want to make some or full use of the VoIP capability, rather than only communicating over IP. A SIP trunk to connect to the traditional PSTN network is the solution for this. Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires were once delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows a company to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with PSTN connectivity via a SIP trunking service provider.

SIP trunking lets you make free and cheap calls.

With SIP trunking from Tetra, you’re able to keep your original telephone number.

SIP trunking lets you save money and is more efficient than ISDN.
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Save costs and communicate from anywhere. VoIP is the future of telecommunications.

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