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Call Management

Call Reporting

An invaluable tool for business. Call Management allows you to see incoming and outgoing calls to and from your system and collates them into reports.

Call Recording

Automatically capture every phone conversation that takes place within your business and replay them at the touch of a button.

Monitoring and Reporting

Without monitoring, control and analysis there is no strategy. 

Tetra Networks offers solutions with efficient reporting tools that provide you with the information relative to the call activity of the employess, such as number, duration, type and cost of all the calls received and made by your staff


Internal and external call traffic reporting and analysis.

Information on the number, duration, types and costs of the inbound and outbound traffic in charts and data grids.

CDR-View is helpful to the company management while analyzing a particular event or the company call activity in general, or while deciding on the future business strategy.

A simple way to add value to your investment.

Helping companies improve their business communications

Feature-rich and flexible Communications Solutions across the UK

Business Mobility

Thanks to Unified Communications and Collaboration tools, your employess can save up 25% of their time spent on daily communication tasks

Lines and Calls

Flexible, Resilient and high-quality communications systems, plus excellent reduced call tariffs.

SIP Trunks

Offering companies more flexibility and lower call cost opportunities with SIP lines.

Information on Hold

Make your first impressions count, let us help you produce professional greetings for your customers.

IT Support

Flexible and affordable fully managed IT support services including computer repairs and upgrades.

Social Wifi

Capture details of your clients when they log on to your free WiFi so you can keep them up to date on whats new