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IT Support

Affordable Piece of Mind

As a business, IT can be a particularly large outgoing expense. Tetra offer prices from as little as £35 per user, but our packages can also include Handsets and Calls

Comprehensive Service

You need a comprehensive IT service that offers to help with every aspect of your business network

Telecommunications and Full
IT Support For Your Business.

Our maintenance advice is always free and available to you over the telephone. Most alterations can be carried out from our office, without the need for a site visit, using our remote diagnostic facilities.

With our GoMonthly Remote support reseller package. We can provide your client with as much remote support as you require at one fixed monthly rate. 

Our onboarding process: During our Extensive onboarding process, we follow an onboarding checklist that has over 34 steps providing a full handover from your existing IT Provider to us which we then document to avoid missing any crucial information to support you going forward. Some of the points we look at are:

  1. – Office 365 Admin Access
  2. – Router Username Passwords IP Addresses and Ports
  3. – Any Printer credentials
  4. – ISP account and contact information
  5. – Admin credentials for servers and clients machines
  6. – Cyber Security Audit on Office 365
  7. – Any insecure local admin accounts on both end devices and the servers
  8. – Bitlocker Recovery Keys on End Devices
  9. – Any group policies, custom scripts, password policies on all servers
  10. – Removal of old remote support tools and old anti-virus protection
  11. – Firewall security audit including blocking of any insecure ports
  12. – Server backup handover
  13. – Check on all client machines for any local data that may be saved and not backed up
  14. – Firmware on Firewalls
  15. – Credentials and Firmware information for switches
  16. – VPN Security Audit
  17. – Wi-Fi Key chains, Auto-lock on servers

– Insecure registry keys upon boot on servers
– Insecure RDP connections to servers
– Admin account audit for hidden admin privileges
– Licensing Handover for Windows Server and End User machines including User CALs
– UPS Status and checking Auto Shutdown enabled on servers
– Enabling secure managed Windows Updates on servers
– IP and Port scan on the Network for any other devices
– Removal of old backup solutions when the new backup is live
– Ongoing RAID Status alert on all servers
– Full Handover of any documentation from previous IT Company.

Once onboarded – This is what to expect from our ongoing support: We will act as your dedicated IT helpdesk. Tetra doesn’t hide behind an IT ticketing system. Instead, we are available instantly via a telephone call (now answered 24/7) or an email.
Your call will be directed to our next available technician who can start diagnosing and fixing your IT issue straight away via a secure remote connection. You don’t even need to stay on the phone, we will keep you regularly updated on the status of your job so you can spend your time concentrating on your own work.


We also include the following features for all our GoMonthly Support Clients:
– Tetra RMM tool on each machine: Our remote assistance tool provides ongoing health status reports; if your machine is overheating or running slow we will know about it and work on it.
– Unlimited Helpdesk Remote Support for all your machines; use us as and when you need us without worrying about a big bill at the end of the month!
– Our Cloud-based Anti-Virus is installed on each machine and notifies us of any issues and keeps you covered keeping you up to date and protected from the latest threats.
– Our UK Unlimited Cloud-based Backup for each machine – keeping your locally saved documents safe
– Cyber Essentials Government Scheme compliant patch management system for each machine with automated updates weekly and full auditing.
– Our Domain-level Anti-Spam filter ensures your email addresses have the most protection against spoof emails, so the malicious mail is blocked before it gets into your mailbox.
– Creation of New Starters / Leavers / Custom Engineers Report – The final part of your onboarding will consist of us creating specific procedures for your company we will then follow for future use, this is all included as standard within your GoMonthly support contract with us.
– All laptops and desktops will be encrypted via Bitlocker and recovery keys will be held in our office on an offline machine, this will help with your GDPR Policy.
– Lastly, all our GoMonthly customers have access to our Out-Of-Hours Service, one technician in the evening and on weekends monitors our incoming calls and our inbox for any queries that come outside normal working hours

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