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Wearable Health Technology

Safety and Independence

We help empower individuals to maintain independence while ensuring prompt assistance when needed.

Keep Family Informed

Family gain peace of mind with real-time location tracking and instant alerts for emergencies or unusual activities.

Proactive Health Management

Take a proactive approach to health with readings such as blood pressure, heart rate, and activity tracking.

Experience Security and Independence with Tetra’s Wearable Health Technology

As we age, staying active and independent is vital for our well-being. Tetra’s Wearable Health Technology empowers you or a loved one with advanced solutions, ensuring safety, security, and rapid assistance at home and beyond.


Our solutions are ideal for providers of domiciliary care, nursing care homes and individuals who wish to have security whilst retaining their independence.

Wearable Tech Product Shot

Personal Alarm Wristband

Tetra’s Call4.Care Wristband with FlawlessConnect™ technology ensures fast and assured emergency calls, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle with confidence. With features like automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, and a Family & Friends App, your safety is our priority.

Key Benefits:

Rapid assured connection to family or emergency services with the unique FlawlessConnect™ technology.

Direct communication for the fastest help.

Vital in case of unconsciousness, where the wearer cannot communicate.

You get up to 4 to 7 days of operation with our Call4.Care Wristband.

Keep loved ones informed of your location. Gain wearer’s instant location with What3Words.


Family & Friends App

Whether you opt for 24/7 monitoring or support from your family and friends, Tetra understands the importance of keeping your loved ones informed about your well-being. Our Family & Friends App, compatible with both Android and Apple iOS, allows designated individuals to access crucial information, providing peace of mind.

Friends Family App

Key Benefits:

Track your exact location and recent travel history.

Monitor if the wristband is being worn, battery levels, and signal strength.

Receive updates on recent help calls or falls

Get informed on optional health readings on blood pressure, heart rate & blood oxygen readings, body temperature and step count.

Receive alerts if inactivity persists for too long.

Sentinel Home Welness System

Sentinel Help Call & Wellness System

Complete Home Monitoring for Peace of Mind and Independence.


Tetra’s Sentinel Help Call & Wellness System is a comprehensive Family & Friends Supportive Ecosystem designed to monitor individuals at home, ensuring their well-being while preserving a sense of independence. This inclusive system incorporates various technological solutions to guarantee safety and prompt assistance when needed.

Key Benefits:

Quick response in critical situations.

Real-time analysis of daily activities and immediate notifications when any irregularities occur.

Extend voice calls to up to 8 locations to cover the entire house. Also integrates with smart speakers.

Ensuring a safe environment.

Automatic alerts in the event of a fall.

Access a dashboard with a variety of statuses and alerts such as: home temperature, medication reminders, activity alerts, out-of-home alerts and more.

Gain security and independence now

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