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Broadband Without a Phone Line

New Service: SOGEA What is it?
Broadband without a phone line

Ever wanted to order broadband without a phone line? Well now you can! We are now able to provide a new stand alone fibre broadband product called SOGEA without a traditional landline attached.

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

As stated in the name, SOGEA is a single order variant meaning providers can order broadband without a traditional landline.

This also means that a customer cannot make calls via that line. So if a customer wants to make calls they would need to upgrade to an internet based solution such as VoIP phone system.

IP phone systems have come a long way and now VoIP systems are clearer than ever with support for HD codec. 

The maximum download and upload speeds possible with SOGEA broadband are as follows:

  • SOGEA 40 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload.
  • SOGEA 80 Mbps download / 20 Mbps upload.

Simplified order process

Because the order journey has been simplified for the provider, this has a knock on affect to the customer meaning they can now more easily order broadband.

Reduced cost

Customers may see a reduced monthly premium for the service however this is up to the provider to decided.

Customers may even see further reductions with their bill if they switch to a VoIP phone system. As modern VoIP solution often come with inclusive landline and mobile minutes.

Quicker install / lead times

Lead time for SOGEA order can be as little as 5 working days meaning you might be connected quicker than ever before.

Lead times can vary depending on whether you already have any active or stopped lines in the premises.

If you are looking to make calls, VoIP phone systems can be deployed the same day depending on your provider. Or next working day if you require hardware.

Quicker problem resolving

Because the line and broadband are not separate, providers can more easily diagnose issues and get them resolved.

Furthermore, customers also benefit as sometimes they might have one provider for the line and one for the broadband. Once they upgrade to SOGEA, this will be all in the past.

SOGEA Availability in the UK

SOGEA is available wherever fibre broadband was available. Meaning if you currently can get or already have fibre broadband you should be able to get SOGEA.

If you are unsure whether you can currently get fibre broadband continuing reading as we will explain how you can find out.

Can I get SOGEA business broadband?

As a UK provider of SOGEA broadband, we will check your broadband to find out what speeds you can get.

With our “Connectivity Report” – you can find out what broadband speeds you can achieve. 


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