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About Bluebird Care  

The first Bluebird Care business started in 2004 with an ethos of providing the VERY BEST in care at home. Now, with more than 220 offices and over 10,000 employees across the UK and Ireland, they still hold firm that ethos which is pivotal to their continued success.


• The largest* private home-care provider in the UK
• More than 220 offices across the UK and Ireland
• 18+ years of experience
• Proven business model
• Recognised brand


The Challenge.

Bluebird Care provides specialised home care services for individuals with a wide range of unique needs. Providing 24 / 7 support to customers and their families, a reliable telephony and communications infrastructure is vital for ensuring first-contact resolution and peace of mind for service users.

With more than 10,000 employees across the UK in over 220 offices in the UK and Ireland, communication technologies are central to the day-to-day activities of Bluebird Care personnel. Especially when it comes to enabling those all-important interactions with customers, social workers, district nurses, care managers and GPs that make the delivery of joined-up and informed care possible.

However, an ageing telephone system was inhibiting Bluebird Care’s Franchise Support Centre’s ability to make its workforce more productive and efficient. Worse still, having reached maximum capacity, the platform was no longer suitable for a rapidly expanding organisation. With these pressures, they wanted a solution that would deliver the resilience, agility and scalability it needs to cope with future demands.

“We took the decision to review the entire communications infrastructure to ensure that this met with not only our current requirements but also in the future,” explains Carol Marshall, Projects and Contracts Manager at Bluebird Care Franchises Ltd.

“The ability to configure call groups was essential as was the ability to monitor and record calls for reporting and compliance requirements. We also needed to be certain we could seamlessly deal with out-of-hours calls in the event of a disaster or system failure scenario,” she explains.


The Solution.

Bluebird Care turned to Tetra to help find the right solution. The answer was a Wildix Cloud platform that gives them all the future-proofed features and functionality it needs, plus the capacity to cope with future growth and evolving service delivery needs.


“We now have full visibility and day-to-day management of our telephony system, along with the ability to easily add new users or set up call hunt groups. The Tetra Networks Support team are always on hand to provide advice and support whenever we need it.” confirms Carol.


From tracking call recordings to initiating a disaster recovery plan that features backup lines and inbound services that keeps vital lines open for staff and service users, Tetra Networks has helped Bluebird Care gain the control it needs to make its workforce more productive and effective. That includes, initiating powerful management reporting that evaluates the effectiveness of call routing schemes and appraises the optimal workforce shift numbers required to cope with call demand.

WHAT things are LIKE now

The End Result.

Today, Bluebird Care’s staff can instantly see where colleagues are operating from, thanks to Wildix Collaboration, and their communications portal allows them to be able to receive or make calls easily whether they are in the office or out in the field.


Tetra Networks has played a key role in helping Bluebird Care evolve its communications infrastructure. So much so, that today they are a preferred partner for the Franchise Group.


“Tetra Networks support team are there to respond and assist with any technical queries and the account managers are always on hand to keep us informed of new technologies that can further assist our business. Tetra Networks are always responsive and willing to go that extra mile ” says Carol.


“It’s their diligence and commitment to care that has created a great working relationship with Tetra Networks” as Carol explains. “They understand how we work within our group and the industry and always deliver a personalised and highly professional service.”


Bluebird Care staff stay fully in contact, whether they are in the office or in the field

Their system is able to grow with the business now and into the future

Through recording and monitoring, Bluebird Care can adhere to industry regulations

Backup lines and disaster recovery plans ensure vital lines are always available



“Tetra are always on hand to respond and assist with any technical queries and the account managers have always been on hand to keep us ahead of new technologies that can further assist our business. I know I can depend on Tetra to make things happen – and make my job easier.”

Carol Marshall

Projects & Contracts Manager, Bluebird Care

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