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Low-cost Line Rental and Call Packages

Fair Pricing

Line rental can be surprisingly expensive. You need a provider that promises a fair price.

Extra Numbers

As a business, you need a company that easily allows you to create extra numbers and lines without expensive installation fees.


Downtime is not good for business; your ideal provider will offer a quick transfer with no loss of service.

State of The Art
Business Mobiles.

For many small businesses, the telephone is still one of the biggest business communication tools, despite the rise of online transactions. At Tetra we offer state of the art business telephone systems at prices to suit you. We offer future-proof, flexible fixed line and internet (VoIP) solutions that allow your business telephone systems to expand in line with your business.

When you opt for line rental from Tetra, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product for an affordable price.

Adding lines and numbers without downtime or expensive installation fees allows you to keep your business running at its best.

When you switch to Tetra, we promise an easy transfer with no loss of service to ensure that you don’t miss out on custom.

Broadband without a Phone Line?

Providing Flexible and Low Cost Telephone and Mobile Solutions
Business telephony and mobile phone provider to help businesses improve their communications.

Telephone Systems

A range of choices to suit your business for flexibility and ongoing call cost management.

Business Mobile Phones

Mobile Internet 5G for businesses on the go. Ensuring your mobile communications are met.

Broadband Deals

Superfast broadband without a phone line with our new stand-alone fibre broadband.