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Social WiFi

Marketing Made Easier.

Social Wifi allows you to grow your online reviews, social media following and email list from one easy to use, interactive dashboard.

Simply plug the access point into your Router and our Software will do the rest. Need any help, we are on the phone when you need it

Helping companies improve their business communications

Feature-rich and flexible Communication Solutions throughout the UK

Call Management

Cat5 for networking computers & telephones. Cheap and easy internet connection.

Lines and Calls

Flexible, Resilient and high-quality communications systems, plus excellent reduced call tariffs.

SIP Trunks

Offering companies more flexibility and lower call cost opportunities with SIP lines.

Line Rental

Transfer to us for lower-cost line rental and keep your previous BT phone number.

IT Support

Flexible and affordable fully managed IT support services including computer repairs and upgrades.

Network Cabling

Category 6 Cable is a twisted pair high signal integrity cable type frequently referred to as Cat6.